Frontiers in Psychology: Call for papers in Special Issue: New Trends in False Memory Research

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Call for papers in Special Issue: New Trends in False Memory Research

The study of memory distortions is a fruitful line of research. However, despite its great progress, it still has many open questions, such as:

• How can we differentiate true from false memories?

• What personal or contextual factors make us susceptible to committing false memories?

• Are we able to avoid –or at least reduce– committing false memories? If so, under what circumstances?

• To what extent do laboratory findings apply to real-world settings?

• To what extent are the results obtained with one procedure generalizable to other paradigms?

• How can we integrate the corpus of cognitive neuroscience findings from false memories?

• What do developmental studies tell us about false memory?

• How does false memory work in all sorts of special populations?

• Are false memories also a collective phenomenon?

• To what extent, if at all, is scientifically appropriate to relate false memory findings to reconsolidation processes?

In addition to these compelling questions, it seems increasingly necessary to create links between false memory research and studies that traditionally would fall in distant knowledge fields. Specifically, memory’s malleability appears to be fundamental to research about identity, narratives, and historical memory.

We would like to invite you to participate in this Special issue. Our goal is to count on a wide range of manuscripts focused on empirical approaches to studying false memories, specifically welcoming Original Research and Systematic Review articles. We aim to provide a clear sense of what false memory studies are addressing today, especially regarding the aforementioned questions. Ultimately, the purpose of this Research Topic is to integrate different perspectives on false memory research. We expect that this effort will create an enriching dialogue between different types of research on false memory.

Keywords: false memory, DRM paradigm, misinformation paradigm, memory distortion, cognitive neuroscience of false memory

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