Editor search for Psicológica

Editor search for the Psicológica Journal


Search Committee for Editor-in-Chief of Psicológica: The Committee in charge of publishing and disseminating the call for Editor-in Chief of the Journal will be composed by the former Editor-in-Chief of Psicologica, Dr. Salvador Algarabel (University of Valencia, Spain), a Member of the board of SEPEX, the President of the Society, Dr. Soledad Ballesteros (UNED, Spain) and the former Editorial Coordinator of Psicologica, Dr. Alfonso Pitarque (University of Valencia, Spain).

Those interested in applying for the Editorship will have a month since the publication date for sending the application to the Search Committee (secretaria.sepex@gmail.com). The application will contain the CV, his/her previous experience in Editorial work and all the information that they considered of interest. Based on the received applications, the Search Committee will select the Editor-in-Chief of Psicologica for a period of 4 years.

The selected Editor-in-Chief, consulting with the Search Committee, will invite the Associate Editors of the different areas of the Journal as well as the Consulting Editors.