Two PhD positions at the University of Aveiro (Portugal)

Os reenviamos un mensaje sobre 2 ofertas predoctorales.

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Two PhD studentships

The University of Aveiro has opened a call for 2 (two) PhD studentships. The studentships will start in September 2023 and are part of the research project «Making sense of animal misbehavior: Functional and mechanistic accounts» (2022.04861.PTDC).

We are looking for students interested in comparative psychology, psychology of learning, and/or animal behavior. The studies will be carried out at the Adaptive Behavior Lab of the University of Aveiro. The call is open from March 13 to April 10, 2023 (details can be found here:

The Adaptive Behavior Lab is dedicated to the experimental study of behavior and learning in animals, as well as comparative studies with humans. The research team led by professors Armando Machado and Marco Vasconcelos focuses on decision-making and timing. The recruited students will join an advanced training tutorial system and conduct studies in those research areas.

Our group’s work is regularly presented at international meetings (Spain, USA, UK, etc.) dedicated to basic psychological research and animal behavior and cognition. This close contact with world-renowned researchers has opened doors for our students to develop part of their work in foreign institutions and integrate multicultural teams.

The Adaptive Behavior Lab is located in the sunny city of Aveiro, on the banks of the estuary’s rich ecosystem. The city encourages walking, physical activity, and leisure through its many green spaces and has an annual cultural and entertainment events agenda.

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Armando Machado

Marco Vasconcelos

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