Contrato predoctoral para la formación de doctores en el Causal and Cognition Group, Universidad de Málaga

Os reenviamos un mensaje sobre la convocatoria de una plaza predoctoral (FPI) en el Causal Cognition Group (CCG) de la Universidad de Málaga.

La Junta Directiva de la SEPEX

The Causal Cognition Group (CCG) at University of Málaga (Málaga, Spain) is offering a 4-year funded PhD opportunity (with the possibility of converting the last year in a postdoc position if the thesis is finished in 3 years). The position is specifically linked to the project “Experimentally investigating the formation of human habits” and is part of the “Ayudas para contratos predoctorales para la formación de doctores 2022” scheme (

The PhD student will work with the PIs (see below) and with national and international collaborators. The research questions from this project include current controversial topics on human reward learning, mostly related to the possible automatization of motor responses after extensive reward learning, habit theory, and the interplay between reward learning and attention. In these experiments, we will measure different aspects of behaviour; the selected candidate might also get involved in other research using complementary measurements (eye tracking, EEG, fMRI).

The selected candidate will carry out different tasks such as programming experiments (eg, Python), analysing data (eg, R), and disseminating the results in scientific conferences (presentations/posters) and peer-reviewed journals (in English). The selected candidate will also be encouraged to develop original experiments under the supervision and guidance of the PIs.

Specific knowledge about these tasks is not as important as the capability of learning new complex skills in a very independent way. In the CCG group, PhD students are treated as such (that is, researchers would-be), and our main interest is their development as new independent researchers.

The advisors for the thesis will be the PIs of the project, David Luque and Francisco J. López. For more information about our research, please visit the CCG website ( and also David Luque’s website (

If you are interested in this position, please send us an email (  / and tell us why you want to work with us. Also, please, attach your CV. We will interview the short-listed candidates (online). 

Important Dates: Please send us your email before the 17th of January. Interviews will take place on the 20th.