Dos plazas predoctorales en Brain Lab- Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group (University of Barcelona)

Estimadas y estimados miembros de la SEPEX:

Os reenviamos un mensaje sobre dos plazas predoctorales en el Brainlab – Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group (Universitat de Barcelona).

La Junta Directiva de la SEPEX

The Brainlab – Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group (University of Barcelona) invites applications for two 3+1 year PhD contracts, commencing in spring/fall 2023, to perform:

  1. PhD thesis within the research line of developmental cognitive neuroscience (Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Carles Escera). 
  2. PhD thesis within the research line of cerebellum and auditory-motor interaction (Principal Investigator: Dr. Jordi Costa-Faidella). 

We are seeking talented and highly motivated graduates in any field related to Neuroscience (Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, Computer Sciences, Medicine, Biology, Engineering, Physics…). 

Applications will be processed until the position is filled.