ERASMUS I-Brain MiniSymposium in cognitive neuroscience

Os reenviamos un mensaje de nuestra compañera Beatriz Bermúdez sobre el ERASMUS I-Brain MiniSymposium in cognitive neuroscience.

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December 12th, ERASMUS I-Brain MiniSymposium in cognitive neuroscience – Call for abstracts 

Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience, Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia) and Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris, France) announce the online I-Brain MiniSymposium in cognitive neuroscience, sponsored by I-Brain Erasmus project ( This event gives junior scientists from different research areas the opportunity to present their work in an interactive and constructive environment and to actively engage in discussions with other scientists.

The I-Brain event includes two interactive poster sessions and a roundtable for discussion:Poster Session 1: Cognitive NeurosciencePoster Session 2: Bilingual Mind Roundtable: Data Issues in cognitive science.Participation in the I-Brain event is free. Follow the link  to register and submit your abstract.Deadline for registration and abstract submission: 7th December.This event is part of the CCCP 2020 symposium (Cognition, Communication, Computation, and Perception), which this year is focused on the topic «Cross-Language Interplay in a Bilingual Mind». CCCP 2020 will take place online on 10-11 December 2020.


‒          Barbara Köpke (Octogone-Lordat, University of Toulouse, UT2). From cross-linguistic transfer to attrition. The whys and the whens

‒          Antonella Sorace (University of Edinburgh). The ecology of L2 learning and L1 change in bilingualism

‒          Arturo E. Hernández (University of Houston). Sensorimotor plasticity and cognitive flexiblity: A Neuoremergentist approach

‒          Monika S. Schmid (University of Essex). ‘Slipping through my fingers’: under what circumstances do multilingual migrants lose or maintain their native language?

‒          Zohar Eviatar (University of Haifa). Reading in Different Languages: Early Differences and Late Similarities

‒          Marit Westergaard (UiT The Arctic University of Norway and NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology). Exploring bilingual effects on cognition through grammatical illusions
Conference website including registration link: in the CCCP conference as a listener is free but registration is mandatory. Registration deadline: DECEMBER 7th. 

Direct your questions or enquiries to the organizing committee at

Beatriz Bermúdez Margaretto
Research Fellow
Centre for Cognition & Decision Making
Institute for Cognitive NeuroscienceNational Research University – Higher School of Economics
Moscow,  Russia