Neurobiology of Language Special Issue: Bilingualism and Executive Function

Os reenviamos un mensaje de nuestro compañero Manuel Carreiras sobre un volumen especial en Neurobiology of Language.

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Neurobiology of Language Special Issue: Bilingualism and Executive Function 

Guest Editors: Manuel Carreiras, Angela De Bruin, Anthony Steven Dick, & Karen Emmorey 

The neural and cognitive relationship between bilingualism and executive function is an area of vigorous research. This Special Issue is designed to address questions about the topic that have not been adequately addressed in the available literature. We propose an approach such that each contributed work must speak to a subset of specific questions addressing the theoretical, experiential, and neurobiological issues relevant to understanding this domain. See potential questions at:

Proposed articles can be theoretical reviews, meta-analyses, or empirical papers that either focus on one or two specific questions (e.g., Are executive control resources recruited differently in bilinguals and monolinguals? Does executive control interact with specific sub-domains of language?), or for comprehensive reviews focus on most or all questions. We are thus interested in focused papers that “dig down” into these more specific issues. We particularly welcome multi-lab and/or pre-registered studies. In this way this special issue is expected to make a unique contribution to the literature. 

Deadline 31 December 2020 (Nonetheless, papers are being sent for review as soon as they are submitted and if accepted immediately published)