Simposium online: Investigating Learning During Web Search

Estimadas/os miembros de SEPEX,

Os invitamos a presentar vuestros trabajos sobre aprendizaje y Web en el simposium online ‘Investigating Learning During Web Search’, que tendrá lugar dentro de la 29th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management. El simposium tiene una orientación multidisciplinar, y busca atraer a investigadores de psicología, educación, informática, ciencias de la comunicación, así como de áreas afines. El registro será simbólico (y estamos negociando con ACM para que sea gratuito).

Lalo Salmerón
ERI Lectura, UV

Más info:

Web search is one of the most ubiquitous online activities and is often used for learning purposes, i.e. to acquire or extend one’s knowledge or skills about certain topics or procedures. The importance of learning as an outcome of Web search has also been recognized in research at the intersection of information retrieval, human-computer interaction, psychology, and educational sciences.

Search as Learning (SAL) research examines relationships between querying, navigation, and reading behavior during Web search and the resulting learning outcomes, and how they can be measured, predicted, and supported. IWILDS aims to provide a platform to the interdisciplinary SAL community, with the objective to bring together interested researchers from all related disciplines, provide space for presentation and discussion of novel research insights and future directions of SAL research. We thus invite submissions addressing topics related to the understanding of online learning, specifically during Web search, or the technological support of such learning processes.