Doctoral student position in cognition and decision making at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland

The focus of our interdisciplinary research program is on heuristic decision making processes, and their interplay with the structure of environments and basic cognitive capacities, such as memory. Specifically, we study how people make decisions under uncertainty based on a repertoire of simple rules of thumb, called fast-and-frugal heuristics. In doing so, we explore the cognitive processes underlying bounded and ecological rationality, including in social environments.

Applicants should be interested in the computational or mathematical modeling of how cognition interplays with the structure of environments. Prior exposure to research on heuristics, and/or on bounded rationality, and/or on ecological rationality, and/or on ecological approaches to cognition is helpful but not required. Knowledge of experimental methods, prior exposure to quantitative research methods, and ideally, programming skills (e.g., MATLAB, R, LISP) are helpful but not required. A university degree in psychology, mathematics, computer science, physics, biology, business, economics, or another discipline is required. Excellent English skills are required.

Applicants should be interested in pursuing a career in academia.

The doctoral student position (60%) can begin as early as September 1st 2017, or later on a date mutually agreed upon. The maximum funding period is 5 years, with the first contract being 1 year and then renewable 2X2 years. Successful candidates will obtain a Ph.D. The doctoral student will be mentored by Julian Marewski. The work location is Lausanne Dorigny.

Please submit applications by June 20th, but the job offer will remain open until the position is filled.

Applications include a cover letter describing past research experience, research interests and, ideally, a potential thesis project. A curriculum vitae, university transcripts, two letters of recommendation, and — if existing — publications should be included, too. The preferred method of submission is PDF files e-mailed to Letters of recommendation can be sent in at a later point in time, to be agreed upon with Julian Marewski.

The Department of Organizational Behavior of the Faculty for Business and Economics at the University of Lausanne provides a stimulating, interdisciplinary research environment. At the department, professorial faculty are Ulrich Hoffrage, Joerg Dietz, John Antonakis, Franciska Krings, Marianne Schmid Mast, Christian Zehnder, and Julian Marewski. We value the diversity of the expertise of the members of our department (department members come from diverse fields, ranging from the cognitive and decision sciences to behavioral economics, mathematics, and physics; we have Ph.D.s in psychology, business, management, and economics). We publish in top-tier journals in different disciplines, including Science, Psychological Review, and the American Economic Review. The working language of our department is English.

Located near Lake Geneva and surrounded by the Jura Mountains and the French Alps, Lausanne is a beautiful and cosmopolitan spot to live.

More information about the position can be inquired directly from “