Convocatoria FPI 2016 – Proyectos PSI2015-65694-PREPROC y 2) PSI2015-67353-READEAF

Dear colleagues,

The Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) has published the call for PhD Students 2016. The application period is from 13th to 27th September 2016 at 15:00h.

The call offers up to 2 PhD Student positions each of them to join the following MINECO Research Funded Projects:

1) PSI2015-65694- PREPROC – Predictive coding and predictive timing across modalities and cognitive domains – PI Dr. Molinaro. Key words: Prediction, visual perception, auditory perception, word perception, magnetoencephalography

2) PSI2015-67353 – READEAF- Brain mechanisms of reading in good deaf readers – PI Prof. Carreiras. Key words: Reading, fMRI, MEG, deaf

Both offered positions comprise 4-year contracts as PhD students.

Individuals interested in these PhD positions should have:
• a strong theoretical and methodological background in cognitive neuroscience or experimental psychology with a special focus on psycholinguistics and/or neighboring cognitive neuroscience areas.
• a good level of written and spoken English.

For both positions, research experience in the domain of multilingualism and/or language comprehension, especially with neuroimaging techniques, will be an asset. Possession of a Master degree in the area of psycholinguistics or cognitive sciences (or any other related area) is highly recommended and will be positively valued.

For more information:
• BCBL website:
• MINECO website:
• Official call text:
• Contact point at the BCBL (for registration, submission and doubts): Ana Fernández (