15 PhD positions PACE (Perception and Action in Complex Environments)

PACE (Perception and Action in Complex Environments) is an Innovative Training Network funded by the Marie Skodowska-Curie program of the European Union.
The network involves 10 academic and private full partners, from 7 European and Associated countries and 4 private companies as associated partners.
The network gathers a broad range of expertise from experimental psychology, cognitive neurosciences, brain imaging, technology and clinical sciences.
The PACE network promotes interdisciplinary research and training in the field of human movement sciences with a strong emphasis on perception-action
coupling in complex environments and its changes across lifespan and in pathological diseases affecting the nervous system.
The goal is to train PhD students through collaborative research projects, international courses and workshops.

PACE starts on April 1st for a duration of 4 years. Starting September 2015, 15 PhD students are funded for 36 months by the European Union.

The recruitment period is open until May 2015.

For further information and contact please visit this link:

and download the PDF with the PACE positions.

The Network:
• Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone, CNRS & AMU,Marseille, France
• Laboratoire des Systèmes Perceptifs, CNRS & ENS, Paris, France
• Robotics, Brain and Cognition, IIT, Genova, Italy
• Welcome Trust Center for NeuroImaging, UCL, London, UK
• Departament de Psicologia Basica, UB, Barcelona, Spain
• Department of Biomedical Engineering, BGU, Negev, Israël
• Faculty of Human Movement Sciences, VU, Amsterdam, Netherlands
• Department of Psychology, UD, Durham, UK
• Centre for Advanced Technologies in Rehabilitation, Sheba Med Ctrs, Israël
• Perceptual and Cognitive Systems, TNO, Delft, Netherlands
• Motek Medical, Amsterdam, Netherlands